Mother and daughterA woman’s body and hormones change after childbirth or as she gets older. Pregnancy and menopause trigger a dramatic fluctuation in hormone levels which significantly can impact the vagina.  Symptoms like vaginal laxity, dryness and recurrent infections are usually the result of hormonal changes and, if left untreated, could have harmful effects on your emotional well-being.

There is now an FDA approved solution to the feminine concerns experienced by millions of women worldwide. It’s non-surgical, fast, painless, and without downtime.

Introducing Alma´s FemiLift

FemiLift, pioneered by Alma Lasers, is a powerful solution to reverse the effects of hormonal changes in the vagina. With a CO2 pixel laser, the production of collagen and elastin is triggered, making the tissue in the vaginal canal thicker and more elastic. Healthy vaginal tissue helps alleviate the symptoms of hormonal changes through strengthening the vaginal walls and increasing lubrication.

Results from the FemiLift treatment are generally noticeable after the initial treatment.  It is one of the most powerful laser technologies available on the market, yet it is also gentle and virtually painless. Treatment takes 15 minutes and is performed in office, making it a time effective solution for busy women. The benefits of zero downtime and immediate results make FemiLift our treatment of choice.

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