Portrait woman outdoorsMillions of women face the daily struggle of feeling as though their vagina has become too loose. Whether this is due to childbirth or aging, this problem can hinder this problem can hinder a woman’s self-confidence. This may result in reduced sexual activity and pleasure for both the patient and her partner. For a long time, the only solution to permanently and effectively end vaginal laxity was through surgery. This prevented many women from taking action against this issue, as surgery can be costly, and accompanied by lengthy downtime as well as several serious risks.

There are additional options that can be tried to reduce the effects of vaginal laxity- everything from Kegel exercises and topical creams to herbal ointments and pills. However, none of these options are proven to make any difference to effectively end vaginal laxity. Thanks to Alma Lasers there is now a fast and powerful solution to tighten the vagina that is cost-effective, virtually painless, and long-lasting.

Introducing FemiLift for Vaginal Tightening

The FemiLift laser uses micro-ablative energy technology to produce a deep thermal heating effect of the cells in the vaginal area. When exposed to thermal heating, collagen renewal begins as well as a contraction of the elastic fibers in the vaginal walls. The FemiLift handpiece features 360-degree rotation so practitioners are able to treat the relevant areas with enhanced precision, increasing the thickness of the vaginal walls and providing patients with a tighter feeling vagina.

How long do the results last?

Each treatment session is performed on an outpatient basis at our Katy practice led by Kelly McCullagh, M.D. Sessions take under 15 minutes, during which time patients report experiencing nothing more than a light tingling sensation. Three sessionsĀ are required for optimal results, and with a yearly maintenance session, the benefits of FemiLift can be enjoyed for many years.

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